2022 Resolution #2:
Florence Li Tim-Oi Project

Secretary of the Convention

Last Update: August 16th, 2022


This proposed resolution is being reviewed by the Committee on Resolutions and may not be in its final form.

Resolved, That the 173rd Convention of the Diocese of California affirms General Convention Resolution 2022-D079, 80th Anniversary Programs Honoring Florence Li Tim-Oi, and calls for the formation of a diocesan advisory group;

Resolved, That this Convention confirms the participation by the Diocese of California in the 80th Anniversary of Blessed Florence Li Tim-Oi’s vocation to the priesthood on January 25, 2024;

Resolved, That this Convention asks the Bishop to create and appoint an advisory group between three and five members, clergy and/or lay, for planning and coordination with other participating dioceses as well as Team Beyond at the Episcopal Church Center; and

Resolved, That the advisory group shall serve until January 31, 2024, to coincide with Team Beyond at Church Center.


In 2018, Florence Li Tim-Oi 李添嬡 was made a permanent part of The Episcopal Church’s Calendar of Saints (Lesser Feasts and Fasts: GC 2018-A066).   The 80th General Convention adopted resolution D079, 80th Anniversary Programs Honoring Florence Li Tim-Oi.  The following outlines the project goals:

  1. The Dioceses of California, Los Angeles, and New York will be forming advisory groups to assist in the 80th Anniversary planning programs.  We welcome participation from other dioceses. Each diocese will host and develop 2-3 virtual workshops in 2023 using shared resources covering Li Tim-Oi’s discernment, vocation, ministry, and struggles during her lifetime;

  2. During 2023, The Presiding Bishop’s staff aka Team Beyond and the Asia & Pacific Partnership Officer will begin conversations with the Hong Kong Anglican Church (Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui) about planning an in-person component in Hong Kong and Macau region.  The uncertainty will be: 1) the political climate in Asia and 2) any further outbreak of Covid variants during the winter of 2023-24.

  3. The in-person pilgrimage will build upon the materials covered in the 2023 virtual workshops.  Both cathedrals, All Saints (Dio West Kowloon) and St. John’s (Dio Hong Kong Island), and Li Tim-Oi’s congregation at the Macau Protestant Chapel in Macau would be sites for visitation and worship service.

  4. Should Covid restrictions hinder the pilgrimage, a virtual webcast can be scheduled instead.


The Asian/Pacific Islander Commission of the Diocese of California has generously offered to contribute $2,000 toward a joint effort to develop audio/visual materials for this project.  Other contributions would be gratefully accepted.  No diocesan funds would be used for travel.


Reference:  80th Anniversary Programs Honoring Florence Li Tim-Oi

Submitted by:

Warren J. Wong, Delegate, St. James SF wjwstjames@gmail.com (San Francisco Deanery)

The Rev. Canon Debbie Low-Skinner, Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of California

The Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge, Rector, St. Aidan’s SF (San Francisco Deanery)

Emily Hopkins, Delegate, St. Paul’s Walnut Creek (Contra Costa Deanery)