2022 Resolution #5:
Task Force on Young Adult Ministry

Secretary of the Convention

Last Update: July 31st, 2022

This proposed resolution is being reviewed by the Committee on Resolutions and may not be in its final form.


Resolved, That the 173rd Convention of the Diocese of California expresses that campus and young adult ministry is an important way the church keeps its baptismal promise to support persons in their life in Christ, serves a unique role in supporting people through a period of transition and change in their lives, and is an important form of evangelism, one of the three pillars of the Beloved Community; 

Resolved, That a Task Force on Young Adult Ministry is hereby formed to gather information on the ministry needs of young adults in the Bay Area and generate recommendations for meeting those needs in the Diocese of California;


Resolved, That this Task force shall consist of a minimum of 7 members, including at least one high school student, at least two college students, and at least one current or former campus minister, appointed by the Bishop or the Bishop’s designee, and shall consult with the Faith Formation Working Group; and

Resolved, That the Task Force report its findings to Diocesan Convention in 2023 and 2024 and to the Program and Budget Committee of Executive Council by February, 2024.


Campus and young adult ministries provide a culture where individuals can imagine and explore possibilities for ministry necessary for the continued vitality of the church and God’s work in the world. There is a particular and acute need for LGBTQ affirming ministry on many campuses, where Christian life might otherwise be represented by non-affirming groups. As covid and remote schooling has upended the experience of young adulthood, this is a particularly important time to assess the needs of and how we minister to this demographic.

Submitted By:

Laura Curlin, Delegate, St. Cyprian’s San Francisco, lecurlin@gmail.com

Rev. Hannah Cornthwaite, Vicar, St. Cyprian’s San Francisco, vicar@stcyprianssf.org