Resolution E:
Ratifying and Approving Acts of the Convention Meeting Remotely


Secretary of the Convention

Last Update: November 20th, 2023


On October 28th, the 174th Convention passed the following resolution as presented on the Consent Calendar:

Resolved, that all acts of the 171st Convention of this Diocese on October 17, 2020, all acts of the 172nd Convention of this Diocese on October 22–23, 2021, and all acts of the 173rd Convention of this Diocese on October 28–29, 2022, which convened by remote video because of the Covid-19 pandemic and as required by public health orders restricting in-person gatherings, are hereby ratified and approved; and

Resolved, that all actions taken in reliance on the acts of the 171st, 172nd, and 173rd Conventions of this Diocese by the Officers of the Convention, by the Episcopal Bishop of California, a Corporation Sole, by the directors and officers of The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of California, by the Executive Council, by the Standing Committee, by any other body or officer of this Diocese, or by the Cathedral or any Parish or Mission under the authority of this Convention, are hereby ratified and approved.


During the first part of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, public health orders restricting in-person gatherings made it impossible for the Convention to convene in person. In 2020, the Convention met remotely to comply with the public health order. It also adopted Canon 1.02, which authorizes the Convention to meet by remote means during declared public emergencies, as well as special rules to govern such meetings. The Convention again met remotely in 2021 and 2022, while the gubernatorially declared public emergency for Covid-19 remained in effect.

This resolution removes any question about the validity of the acts of the Convention taken while it met remotely, including any question about whether the Convention could convene remotely to adopt the canon and rules authorizing remote meetings. This resolution also ratifies and approves the actions taken by church constituents in reliance on the acts of the Convention while meeting remotely.

Submitted by:

Christopher Hayes, Chancellor of the Diocese and Canon to the Bishop.


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