Diocesan Disaster Preparedness & Response Committee Report

Submitted by: Elaine Vallecillo-Miller, Interim Diocesan Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

Submitted to: the 174th Diocesan Convention

Rev. Jane McDougle, the former rector of Holy Innocents of San Francisco and the Diocesan Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, announced her retirement from the committee in April 2023. She selected Elaine Vallecillo-Miller, of St. James of Fremont, CA to be her successor for this diocesan position.

This Committee is collaborating with Mark Dibelka, the Missioner for Disaster Resilience, for the Diocese of Northern California, with a social justice outreach effort, called Project ReStart. It is being kick-off at the Annual Convention whereby information will be distributed in the exhibitor hall. Mark has been a wonderful resource for our committee since his position is partly funded by the Episcopal Relief and Development as well as by his Diocese.

Free disaster-related virtual classes offered by  Prepare U Emergency Training and Bay Area Training and Exercise Program (BATEP) are posted in the DioCal Newsletter so that congregational disaster coordinators can take advantage of them.

Submitted by
Elaine Vallecillo-Miller
Interim Diocesan Disaster Preparedness Coordinator