Episcopal Resource Center Report

Submitted by: Carol Campbell

Submitted to: the 174th Diocesan Convention

The Resource Center located at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Sunnyvale serves the Diocese of California, Diocese of El Camino Real, and the Diocese of Northern California. There is a website where the latest books on the New Book tab are found. The Daily Devotionals, Ministry Resources and the timely Topic Wallwhich is thematically focused are kept current. New features are continually added to the online catalog. The catalog provides book summaries and URL links when available. DVDs are included for programs which are not usually found on YouTube.

When an item is requested, mailing is free of charge, but return items are to be prepaid.  There are 423 parishes/members using the collection.

The Resource Center is maintained by a group of 4 volunteers who meet on a weekly basis. Two volunteers are in the RC on Friday mornings. They can always be reached by email at ResourceCenter@stthomas-svale.com or 408-736-4155.                 

Highlights of the past year –

An announcement was recently sent about the Resource Center for the weekly Clergy Connect as requested by Amy Cook, Canon for Formation.

Three Newsletters were sent to clergy, lay and anyone who has requested to be on the mailing list within the Diocese.

A bookmark was designed by a committee member with the online catalog QR code included.

The online catalog News/Events now has the dates of the 3 Diocese of annual meetings and special elections.

The big project for the year was to pull all the Easy Reading/Picture Books from the children’s section and place them in a separate area for easy reach by the young ones.

Banned Book Week October 1-7 will be promoted.

Submitted by
Carol Campbell

Committee Members: Sue Beckham, Stephanie Daughtery, Pam Storrer

September 16, 2023