October 27 and 28, 2023



Have a device to watch the online portion of convention on October 27

Make sure you and all the delegates in your congregation each have access to a reliable device (a laptop or desktop is recommended but a tablet or smart phone will work as well) and an internet connection for joining the online portion of Convention on Friday, October 27th.

Voting at the in-person part of convention on October 28

Any mobile device that can connect to the internet with a web browser should be able to work with the VPoll system for voting. Plan to bring the device fully charged with a charging cable and a backup external battery if you have one, to the in-person part of Convention on Saturday. The Cathedral will provide charging stations and an expanded wifi system for connecting to the internet throughout the day. We will also have in-person technical support available on the floor of Convention.

Limited devices available on October 28 for those who NEED and RESERVE them

Convention will make available a limited number of reserved tablets on Saturday for delegates and clergy who do not have a device of their own. If you need one of these devices, you will need to reserve this device as part of pre-registering for Convention, which will open in a few weeks.