Resolution #4: Racial Justice & Reconciliation Memorial

Secretary of the Convention

Last Update
October 25th, 2021

The Convention passed this resolution via the Consent Calendar on October 23rd, 2021.

Resolved, That the 172nd Convention of the Diocese of California affirms its Statement of Solidarity “with all who are oppressed, we deplore the hatred and violence shown historically and in the present to Indigenous people, African Americans, African Caribbean, Asian and Asian Americans, LatinX, Pacific Islanders, and all other oppressed persons. We will continually seek to dismantle the racism that threatens us all as human being”, and supports this Racial Justice & Reconciliation statement;

Resolved, That the 172nd Convention of the Diocese of California proposes legislation on the following
themes as a Memorial to the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church for its consideration:

  • Commemoration of Bishop Barbara Clementine Harris;

  • Celebration of Juneteeth as a Feast Day;

  • Support for the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act;

  • Support for national legislation fighting Voter Suppression;

  • Calling for stronger Hate Crime legislation; and

  • Advocacy for new transformative Asian American / Pacific Islander policies; and


Resolved, That this diocesan convention urges the deputation from the Diocese of California to the 80th
General Convention to submit specific resolutions addressing these themes.

We are proposing the Memorial format for our diocesan convention addressing several Racial Justice & Reconciliation themes this year. Diocesan policy limits the maximum number of approved resolutions to five with an option for non-approved legislation requiring a 2/3 vote during the Day of Convention to hear, debate and vote on matters. Instead of having 10-12 resolutions this year, this will allow convention to direct the DioCal General Convention deputation to craft the text on 7– 10 GC resolutions with the assistance from each author. The first four themes are legislation supported by the national Union of Black Episcopalians Annual Conference in July 2021.

In the legislative context, a memorial is comparable to a petition: a statement about a matter of importance that urges the General Convention to take action. (A memorial should present arguments for the proposed action and may provide evidence of widespread concern for the matter being memorialized.) Memorials are referred to a legislative committee to inform their deliberations. Although not a resolution itself, a memorial informs committees as they perfect legislation. Memorials to General Convention have often been the catalyst for major initiatives or changes in the mission and ministry of The Episcopal Church.

171st Diocesan Convention Resolution #3: Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act (October 17, 2020)
171st Diocesan Convention Resolution #6: Recognition of Juneteenth as a Diocesan Feast Day & Holiday (Oct. 17, 2020)
The Episcopal Church Executive Council Resolution MB 025 Hate Crimes Against Asian & Pacific Islanders (April 16, 2021);


Submitted by
Warren Wong, delegate – St. James, San Francisco -


Endorsed by
Afro-Anglican Commission of the Diocese of California
Asian/Pacific Islander (API) Commission for the Diocese of California
DioCal’s GC Deputation to the 80th General Convention
Northern California/Vivian Traylor Chapter of the Union of Black Episcopalians