2022 Resolution #8:
Addressing the Need for Clergy Housing in the Diocese of California

Secretary of the Convention

Last Update: September 23rd, 2022


This proposed resolution has been reviewed by the Committee on Resolutions and is in its final form.  The committee intends to report it to the Convention for its consideration.

Resolved, That the 173rd Convention of the Diocese of California hereby establishes as an urgent priority addressing the lack of housing for rectors/vicars and associate/assistant clergy faced by many congregations of the diocese; and

​Resolved, That the Executive Council is charged with proposing to the 174th Convention steps for
short and long-term plans to address clergy housing needs.


The strain of the cost of living affects many in the Bay Area. The needs of society are great, and while we have wonderful Diocesan institutions helping address many of those needs, along with great efforts by many congregations, our own members have not been untouched by the financial strain made worse by the insufficient inventory of housing to meet the needs of the area.

This impacts our clergy, too, and may do so more in the years to come. We value, seek, and often expect to have a priest serving in many or most of our parishes and missions. We want to be able to recruit clergy whose callings fit the callings of the churches in the Diocese, and to provide a fair salary and benefits so that they can live and form connections in the neighborhoods and communities in which our congregations are rooted.

Nonetheless, the ever-increasing cost of housing is impeding the ability of congregations to recruit and maintain clergy, and can limit the pool of those available and willing to relocate to or remain long-term in the Diocese.

We recognize that congregations in our diocese have worked creatively to respond to shifting clergy housing needs over the decades, from investing in rectories and staff housing to increasing salary minimums. We believe, however, that the need may be greater than some congregations can individually address. What partnerships or re-development plans have been fruitful, here in our diocese? How have congregations and dioceses outside of DioCal addressed clergy housing costs?

We ask that the Executive Council and the Office of the Bishop gather and document models of providing and supporting clergy housing that have been used successfully, both in this diocese and beyond, and report to the 174th Diocesan Convention. We also ask that, from that learning, they propose steps that the diocese can take to provide both short- and long-term solutions to providing housing for the clergy called to serve in the Diocese of California.

As a Diocesan community, if we prioritize this and work together, we will be in a better position to address this issue.

Submitted by:

The Rev. Michael P. Barham, Director of Student Services & Recruitment, CDSP, allyallbeloved@gmail.com
The Rev. Anna Marie Hoos
The Rev. Jon Owens


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